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Flatweave Rugs

We carry three types of flatweave carpets: Kilims, Cicims, and Sumaks.

Kilims are classic flatwoven rugs that are known for their durability and versatility. Their brilliant colors and designs combined with their reversible nature make them wonderful editions to any space. Kilims can be used on the floor but are also popular as wall hangings and furniture covers.

Cicims are flatwoven rugs that have been woven and embroidered over to create more detailed, decorative designs. Anatolian tribes have been the primary weavers of these special pieces, although they can be found throughout Central and West Asia as well as North Africa. These pieces make great wall hangings but are also durable and long-lasting as decorative floor pieces.

Sumaks are sturdy, decorative flatweave rugs distinguished by their double-stitched craftsmanship. A happy medium between kilims and pile-knotted rugs, Sumaks are rarer and are woven with a stronger, tighter weave. These beautiful flatwoven pieces make wonderful statement pieces, especially for those who enjoy more earthy, rustic designs.

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