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About Us

Woven History & Silk Road is a family-owned textile business specializing in handmade, vegetable-dyed rugs from 23 countries. We aim to support the continuation of tribal arts while connecting our clients with the culture and craftsmanship of our weavings. 






Woven History & Silk Road is a family-owned textile business in the historic district of Eastern Market in Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. We have been connecting with textile enthusiasts in the city and throughout the country since 1986. Owned and operated by Dr. Mehmet Yalcin, a Turkish-American academic who specializes in the Central Asian region, Woven History & Silk Road is the result of his extensive travels and studies of the Central Asian region.


We specialize in rare, antique, and collectible rugs from 23 countries; as our name suggests, each piece tells a unique story. Our textiles are handmade from hand-spun, hand-carted wool, and vegetable dyes to ensure longevity and sustainability. Although no two handmade rugs are alike, we have a wide selection and pride ourselves on having something for everyone. 


Aside from the rugs we produce at our looms, we also have a wide selection of antique, and collectible rugs, furniture, and gift items from around the world, particularly countries found along the ancient Silk Road (between modern-day China and Turkey). We also carry arts and crafts by Central Asian artisans including clothing, accessories, and home decor. 


Our rugs are all made with 100% organic wool and vegetable dyes. Materials are sourced where each piece is woven to ensure optimal sustainability. Our vintage and collectible pieces are also made with organic materials to ensure longevity. At Woven History & Silk Road, we source our products with you and your descendants in mind; when a handmade rug is woven by hand with organic materials, it can last for generations


We source many of our pieces through our looms in Nepal working with Tibetan refugees, and in Pakistan working with Afghan refugees. By working directly with the weavers, we cut out the need for any middlemen and make sure that our weavers and their families are well taken care of by providing them with fair wages and ethical workspaces to ensure the continuation of textile crafts around the world. By having our looms, we are at the forefront of cultural and environmental sustainability within the textile industry, and we can make sure that our prices are fair for both the weavers and our valued customers.

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